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"I am drawn to the struggle that art making presents and I always return to that process. As I paint and build, (and even when I curate exhibitions) I respond to innate impulses, trusting my gut.  While weaving bits of memories and/or mementos (from past paintings, sketches, fabric, and old letters) throughout the painting or sculpture. The work then holds a sense of story - each piece revealing a part of life, my unconscious, or my dreams. The resulting creations may emerge as an abstraction or a dream-like scape. My current working process relies on references from the subconscious and dream states. These elements of my work may at times be recognizable or conversely, may be mostly obscured. My primary concern when I work is to follow impulses just below the surface. I paint and build first,  I gain momentum by changing the surface and moving across the plane until I find something that calls to me and seems to work. This brings momentary relief…. until the next problem."

Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Jennifer's work is collected worldwide and she has designed and painted hundreds of murals and public art pieces. She is a an artist and curator in Portland Oregon where she has curated over 60 group exhibitions. 

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